Key Facts

Schools are responsible for managing user accounts and passwords. ICT School Services should not be contacted to add new accounts, change permissions or reset passwords.

We will shortly be introducing a self-service option allowing registered users to unlock or reset their accounts themselves. They will need access to an "external" email account to make use of this service (i.e., an email address that they don't access through this system).

ICT School Services can be contacted for support with errors and other technical issues.

Sign In/Out

Currently you'll need to sign-in separately to each system, but, using the same username and password ...with a few points to remember:

  • If you are in a BSF or CLG school, sign into the new system using your network or CLG username and password;
  • If you are not in a BSF or CLG school, prefix your DLG username with DURHAMLEARNING\ to access the new system;
  • Selecting 'This is a private computer' at sign-in means you won't be automatically signed out and your username will be remembered;
  • Always ensure you sign out correctly before leaving your computer unattended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. Where has Secure Mail gone?
  2. Why do I see 'You do not have the permissions required to access this Web site. Please contact the Web site administrator' when I enter my username and password?
  3. Who do I contact for support?
  4. Where are the DLG management options in the new system?
  5. I see fewer news items on the Extranet than I am used to, why is this?
  6. Why do I see 'The page cannot be displayed' when accessing the new Extranet?
  7. How can I change my proxy settings in my web browser (Internet Explorer/IE) to be compatible with the new system?